Crooked Can Brewing Company – Sales Manager – Craft Beer Job Listing
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Crooked Can Brewing Company – Sales Manager – Craft Beer Job Listing

Job Description:
The Crooked Can Craft Sales Manager is a professional, energetic, self-motivated, team-oriented person that will take Crooked Can’s sales to the next level. The Sales Manager will work directly with Crooked Can’s Founder, CEO, and Head Brewer in managing off-premise and on-premise sales. They will work directly with our distribution partners to increase brand awareness, sales and help to ensure the freshest beer possible is going to market.
Key Responsibilities for a Brewery Sales and Marketing Manager Include:

Create a sales strategy for Crooked Can – work directly with our distribution partners on a sales strategy that will position the brewery’s brands in the market. This will include strategies for both off-premise and on-premise sales.

Develop relationships with key customers – Relationships are very important in the brewing industry. The sales manager must develop relationships with key customers and FDC to sell more products and ensure they remain happy.

Lead the Key Account Management program by establishing with each distributor specific accounts to gain or expand points of distribution with accounts that are identified as appropriate for the brand.

Work with, train, and motivate distributors on company brands.

Create sales forecasts – The sales manager must create and distribute sales forecasts to the other departments within the brewery. This allows the brewery to adjust production levels as needed.

Manage sales and promotional events – The brewery will occasionally run sales and promotional events in-house or at trade shows. The sales and marketing manager must ensure these events are well-run and promote the brewery in the best way possible. Special events may include nights, weekends, and holidays, if needed.

Analyze customer demographics and market trends – The sales manager will analyze the demographics of both current and prospective customers. This information will be used for developing market strategies and new products. They will also analyze market trends to identify which kinds of products will be popular in the future.

Research competitors – Competitor knowledge helps the brewery develop products that are correctly promoted and priced to succeed in the marketplace. The sales and marketing manager must investigate and analyze competitors to identify new sales opportunities for the brewery.

Key Responsibilities for a Brewery Sales and Marketing Manager Include: (cont)

Present Sales Reports to Sr. Staff – They must present sales reports to Sr. Management. These reports will range from marketing plans through to detailed sales analysis reports.

Supervise other staff – The sales manager will work closely with other sales team members to ensure they are properly trained and understand their role and are meeting the sales goals that are established for them.

Positivity and willingness to be a team player is a must. Will work alongside numerous different internal departments.

Well-rounded knowledge of beer styles. Enthusiasm and a self-starter nature is essential.
Prospective candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business Administration ideally with qualifications relating to the beer industry.


Must have experience working with a beer distributor and understand how to work closely with our distributor and be able to develop relationships with distributor management and staff.

Experience in managing people – The sales manager must have experience in organizing a team, delegating responsibility and assigning staff to roles.

Experience in planning sales campaigns – Previous experience in creating sales campaigns from planning through to implementation.

Sales experience – They should be an experienced sales executive who has worked at many different levels in the beverage industry.

Sales report experience – A great deal of the sales and marketing manager’s time is spent preparing sales reports, researching markets and analyzing customer experience in the beer industry – They should have a number of years working in the industry and a thorough understanding of how to market and sell beer.


Very high-level written and communication skills

Public speaking skills

Very personable and capable of persuading people

Excellent sales and negotiation skills

Team management and leadership skills, ability to motivate staff

An innovative and creative person

IT and report preparation skills

Ability to work under pressure
Competitive Compensation Package.

Based on experience. Compensation includes a base salary plus bonus compensation based on goal achievement once training period has been completed. Other incentives include phone allowance, mileage allowance. Flexible work hours and vacation time are all available and increase with tenure.